Welcome to Horsham Dog Obedience Club

We aim to enhance relationships between handlers and dogs by providing the skills and tools required to confidently train as a team.

Training using gentle methods only

We are Horsham's only dog obedience training club and new members are always welcome. We accept dogs of all breeds, ages and levels.

Training Times

Classes for 2022 will start in February

During the warmer Summer months, classes will be held at 9:00am for Beginners and 9:45am for Classes 1-4. During the cooler Winter months, Beginners will start at 9:30am, and 10:15am for Classes 1-4. All classes are run on Sundays at Haven Recreation Reserve, 4378 Henty Highway, Haven

Want to Join?

Registrations for 2021 are currently closed. A new registration link for 2022 memberships will be available in January 2022. Please see the Membership Page for more information about the club.


Upcoming Special Events

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