Online Registration

Membership for 2021 is now open

2021 memberships are available as individual membership or dual membership. Dual membership is open to 2 handlers that wish to train the same dog. Membership is open to people over the age of 12 however if under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Registrations are accepted online only, payment is by credit card or PayPal. If for some reason you are unable to sign up online please contact us. All dogs must be C5 fully vaccinated which includes boosters for puppies. Most puppies are covered by 12 weeks of age, however please check with your vet before attending.

2020 Costs

Full Year

Individual: $90 Dual: $110.

Half Year

Available after Sunday 20th of June
Individual: $60 Dual: $80.

Final Term

Available after Sunday 12th September, please see our calendar and note when classes are on as no refunds are able to be given if you cannot attend
Individual: $45 Dual: $55.

Vaccination Certificates

A current C5 vaccination certificate must be sighted by HDOC officials for all dogs prior to training. Certificates must be scanned or photographed and emailed to prior to training. Your dog will not be allowed to train until a current vaccination certificate has been received.

Club Training Rules

  • All members must wear their membership nametag when attending training or other HDOC events
  • Members must dress appropriately to attend any HDOC event or training, this includes closed heel and toe footwear ie. No thongs
  • Bitches in season and sick/injured dogs are not allowed on the training grounds
  • Except when engaged in off lead exercises, dogs must be on a lead at all times
  • Dog droppings must be picked up and placed in the bin immediately by handlers
  • Smoking is not permitted on training grounds
  • A dog that bites or shows undue aggression must be reported to a HDOC club official; any incidents that do occur will be officially recorded
  • The use of spiked or electronic collars is strictly forbidden
  • Children under the age of 12 years of age must be under supervision whilst at HDOC events
  • All members must sign the attendance book prior to the commencement of training
  • Members are not permitted to enter the Haven Primary School grounds or the Haven Tennis Club courts
  • Members are permitted to play on the playground equipment however this is at their own risk
  • Dogs may not be tethered at any time during club
  • If the weather forecast is for between 30-33°C training sessions will be shorter to limit the stress on the dogs.
  • There will be no training if the weather forecast for the Sunday is 34°C or above
  • Members must adhere to the HDOC Social Media and Internet Policy
  • If instructed by a HDOC official, a member must wear the prescribed hi-vis vest and fit their dog with a HDOC space jacket or they will not be permitted to attend HDOC training or events

Club Policies

Available as PDF: