Horsham Dog Obedience Information

The Horsham Dog Obedience Club was established to help owners train and handle their pets in the best possible way. People who seek to train their dog soon find that they have more to learn than their dog! They also find that a trained dog is a happy dog and one that is accepted and admired in the community. In other words, the dog becomes a companion, not just a pet.

Interested in Training?

Are you interested in HDOC training but unsure if you'd like to join? Please come down to a Sunday session and watch! Unfortunately we cannot have dogs that have not been registered with HDOC on the field so you'll need to leave your dog at home.

Committee & Instructors

Our Committee and Instructors are all un-paid volunteers who give their time freely towards providing this service to the local community


President: Angela Van de Wouw, Vice President: Bianca Gold, Secretary: Hannah Peltzer, Treasurer: Ryan Schirmer, General Committee: Thea Petrass, Lisa Mannix, Julie Powell, Laura Maidment, Jen Schirmer, Craig Mathrick, Damien Isaacson, Tina Gust


Liz Smart, Ang Van de Wouw, Cas Colbert, Hannah Peltzer, Tina Gust, Julie Powell, Thea Petrass

Teaching Helpers:

Lisa Mannix, Jen Schirmer, Ryan Schirmer, Laura Maidment


Horsham Dog Obedience training is conducted at Haven Recreation Reserve, 4378 Henty Highway, Haven.
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